3 comments on “House Update: Getting use to it

  1. Awesome that you are taking a a photography elective! What kind of camera do you have? What do you like taking pictures of…

    Your desk looks neatly organized – I’d suggest painting the wooden stand your monitor is on… It looks beat, and a fresh coat of paint (or new finish) would really make it stand out.


    • I have a Canon Powershot SX130IS, which is a compact that thinks it’s a dslr. I bought it last year so I had a camera with full manual controls to use to learn about photography. I mostly like to take night shots where I can play with the lighting, although I’m getting into macro and playing with depth of field also.
      As ugly as the beat-up wood stand looks, I don’t think Mr Chief would give me the time to go fixing it up. Plus, it has a sort of ‘charm’.


      • That’s awesome! Fro some of us – the creativity part comes natural. It’s good that you have a camera and are learning the manual controls. The next step is to add lighting/learn how to use natural light to it’s biggest abilities. 🙂

        Enjoy the fun of “film”!


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