3 comments on “Review: Savages

  1. Your review is pretty good, and I think accurate. Like you I just couldn’t get invested in the characters and though I found the thought of the woman running the cartel really interesting the story didn’t take advantage of that – it was just glossed over.


    • Yeah, there was the potential for an interesting story somewhere in there, but for the most part it was sidelined. I wasn’t expecting anything from this movie, so i wasn’t disappointed, but i still disliked it. It’s a shame.


  2. The movie made a poor reference to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – an infinitely superior film. It was hard to sit through, giving us that “I have orgasms; he has WARgasms” line during the opening credits – it tries really hard to be like a Tarantino film from the 90s, but is executed poorly.


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