2 comments on “Review: The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

  1. I have read the original Lord of The Rings books and The Hobbit but no expanded universe material. I’ve also seen the LOTR trilogy and the first two films of The Hobbit series.

    Your two-hours judgment is spot-on: The Hobbit Series (at least its two films) has expanded the book’s meager story into colossal proportions. The only characters that are present in both The Hobbit (the book) and LOTR books are Gandalf, Glóin the dwarf, Bilbo and Gollum. The book has no Orcs; they are actually Goblins. The book has no women either, and no human men too. So, I believe you’ve guessed what I am going to say: In the book, there is no action where the first two films have shown plenty; hence the battle of the five armies is the climax and the real deal.

    Also, these films are the only films in which a female elf falls in love, or an elf heals a dwarf! In all previous works, these are aberrations beyond impossibility.

    But I have good news: The original trilogy has remained largely faithful to the books and is a success.


    • Thank you very much, John, for that concise explanation of what’s right and wrong with The Hobbit movies, from the perspective of someone actually familiar with the original works. I really appreciate the context.


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