About Me

Hey! I’m Nitemice. I’m a Software Engineering student who, while doing an IT traineeship in 2012, decided to write a blog and publish a post each & every week. The traineeship may be over, but the blog goes on…

In 2012, I deferred from Uni for a year to take up a traineeship in an IT environment. That year, I started this blog, where I shared with you various ramblings about the work I was doing, and the things I learnt as a trainee, as well as my other interest areas.

Since then, I have continued to write this blog (less consistently), discussing anything that takes my interest, including books, movies, fixes to common computer problems and any nuggets of wisdom I can conger up, as well as whatever else may arise…

Other things to note about Nitemice:

  • I plays the tenor saxophone
  • I am an avid amateur photographer
  • I am a Nerdfighter
  • I have a big CD collection
  • I am a lover of old media; e.g. cassettes, floppy disks, CDs
  • I am a big fan of Spiderman
  • I am a freebie-aholic
  • I love books, but have much trouble reading them in a timely manner
  • I volunteered in Southern India in December of 2011
  • I call myself a gamer, and love to play video games (PC or 3DS) whenever I can, but in truth, I’m not very good

If you want to know more about me, one of the best ways to find out things is by reading any of the numerous blogs I’ve written so far. A good place to start might be where I started, with my original post, back at the start of 2012.

If that doesn’t satisfy your interest, you can find me on various social media, where I will endeavour to reply to any comments or questions ASAP. I’ve also got an ‘Ask Me Anything’ box on Tumblr, or you can use the Contact Me page right here!